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11th General Conference at Taiwan
On October  4th,  opening  ceremony  of  2006  BLIA
Delegate  General  Conference  were  held at Taipei
Arena.  Venerable   Master   Hsing   Yun  and  honor
and yelling  of  the  BLIA  members.   You  can heard
“Hello Master”. There were 15000  BLIA  members
from the world gathered  to  participated in the event
held once two years.
Hsing Yun  stated  at  the opening ceremony that this is the fifteenth year of BLIA since
the  initiation  at 1992 and  11th  in  BLIA  Delegate  General  Conference.   Venerable
Master  Hsing  Yun  looking  back  over  the years  that  he  is  grateful  to  all  the BLIA
members for their support to Fo Guang Shan Monastery.  Venerable Master Hsing Yun
mind then one will do  every  thing  contently; don’t remember
the worse side of  friends be tolerant; elaborate  the  spirit  of
Buddha to devote to the nation; keep good relation with other
to achieve easy doing  simultaneously,  then  the world will be
in harmony.  There were ceremonies held for—new chapters,
new directors,  new  dharma  lecturer,  new  chapter  of  BLIA
Scout, hand  over of president of BLIA, and commendation of
excellent    BLIA.   Venerable   Master   Hsing  Yun  gave  the
certificate  to  the  six  new  chapters  including  
Central  Gujarat  Chapter,  India"
 and commend excellent
chapters  for  their contribution around the world.  At the end,
BLIA   members   around   the  world  were  introduced.   The
members were customs of their city or countries.
BLIA members  sang “Triple
Gem”  and  read   principles
for    BLIA   members.   The
guests    were    introduced,
including      President      of
Legislative    Yuan — Wang
Jing Ying, Mayor of Taipei—
Ma  Ying - Jeou, State  Administration   for   Religious
Affairs  of  P.R.C.—Ye  Xiao  Wen,  and  President  of
Merit Times—Cai Song  Lin.  Venerable Master Hsing
Yun set  the  keynote  to  be  “Change the World and
Benefit Humanity”.  Venerable Master
Official recognition of "Saurashtra  Central  Gujarat  Chapter"
Mr Naushad Solanki  (President)   &  Tushar Sripal (Secretary)
accepting Certificate from Grand Master.
Flag Raising Ceremoney at Fo Guang
Shan Monastery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Board Of Director's Meeting at Taipei (Taiwan)
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Keynote Speech “Change the World & Benefit Humanity”
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Suarashtra Central Gujarat Chapter with world community
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