Celebrating Dr. Ambedkar's 118th Birthday Anniversary
Buddha Vandana
14th April 2009, Celebrated Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's 118the Birthday Anniversary. Most of the Indian
Buddhist Celebrates Dr. Ambedkar's Birthday Anniversary because Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (
डॊ.भीमराव रामजी आंबेडकर) (April 14, 1891 — December 6, 1956), also known as
Babasaheb, was an Indian nationalist, jurist, Dalit political leader and one of the chief Buddhist
revivalists. He was also the chief architect of the Indian Constitution. Born into a poor Untouchable
family, Ambedkar spent his whole life fighting against social discrimination, the system of
Chaturvarna — the Hindu categorization of human society into four varnas — and the Indian caste
system. He is also credited with having sparked the Dalit Buddhist movement. Ambedkar has been
honoured with the Bharat Ratna,  Celebrating Ambedkar Jayanti is a Tribute to Bharat Ratna Dr.
Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the Great Economist, Educationist, Politician, Champion of Human
Rights and Emancipator of millions of untouchable downtrodden whom he taught to hold their
heads high & live like a lion.
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter celebrate this day every year in
many ways to propagate Buddhism as taught by Grand Master Venerable
Hsing Yun & Dr. Ambedkar. This year BLIA had organized a Cultural Buddhist
Hymn event at Surendranagar of Gujarat State. There was a large audience
had participated. Most of the local organizations had extended their kind
support for the success of the function. BLIA artists and other professional
artist had sang translated Master's lyrics & other Buddhist songs. The City of
Surendranagar had never participated such kind of well organized Buddhist
Musical Event. The concept of "Sounds of Human World" have motivated us to
propagate Buddhism in the cultural manner.
Local dignities and Mr. Naushad Solanki, President BLIA Saurashtra Central
Gujarat Chapter were invited to inaugurate the function with candle lightening
(Left Picture). During the candle lightening, artists of BLIA were playing
beautiful background Music. Thereafter Collage female students had done
Buddha Vandana. (Upper Right Picture)
Mr. Naushad Solanki had updated the audience
about BLIA & its activities in the beginning of the
function. He had explained why we celebrate the
events related to Dr. Ambedkar's life. He also
explained the connection of BLIA Saurashtra
Central Gujarat Chapter & Dr. Ambedkar.  He quoted Dr. Ambedkar that the teachings of
Buddha are eternal, but even then Buddha did not proclaim them to be infallible. The
religion of Buddha has the capacity to change according to times,
a quality which no other religion can claim to have...Now what is
the basis of Buddhism? If you study carefully, you will see that
Buddhism is based on reason. There is an element of flexibility
inherent in it, which is not found in any other religion. He also said
that BLIA has the enough capacity and resources to meet the
people's religious needs. BLIA has is visible in every corner of the world.
Naushad Solanki
During this event, 15 members
executive committee  of Surendranagar
City was also appointed. There is also
a Advisory committee of three
members appointed. Chapter
President Mr. Naushad Solanki had
introduced them and felicitated in the
event. Mr. C.T Tundia as the President
nominated. Mr. Amrutbhai Makwana &
Ms. Bhavana Paramar as the  Vice
President, Mr. P. D. Doria as the
Secretary. And other executive
committee members are Ms. Shilpa
Solanki, Mr. C. D. Doria, Mr. P. M.
Solanki, Mr. Sunil Solanki, Mr.
Rameshakumar Paramar, Mr. Shailesh
Solanki, Mr. Mukesh Chavda, Mr.
Pravin Solanki, Mr. Nikul Ladava, Mr.
Dasharath Paramar, Mr. Bipin
Paramar. Mr. Mohit Vadher (Director in
Appointment of New Team of Surendranagar
Charge Surendranagar District) was also felicitated for organizing new team of Surendranagar and to organize this event.
Light Offerings for World Peace
Buddhist Hymn - Singers
BLIA Team & Volunters
Ms. Rashmi Solanki was the host
announcer of the even. The event was
highly success and will keep its
impression for the long time within the
people of Surendranagar City. BLIA
has realized the people that it can
reinstall our original religion that is
Buddha Dhamma. Local News Papers
have publicised the event very much.
Many local leaders and official
dignitaries had been witness the function and praised very well.
Entrance of the Function