Cricket Tournament on Dr. Ambedkar's 118th Birthday Anniversary
BLIA Cricket Tournament, 14th April 2009
BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter
Halvad City of Surendranagar District of
Gujarat State on 118th Birthday
Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar. Cricket is
the most popular game in India and it is
played in every corner of India. In the tune
of spreading Humanistic Buddhism, our
Chapter is working in all the fields. It may
be the Educational, Cultural, Health, Social
Reforms, Dhamma Workshop, Peace Procession or Sports.
Naushad Solanki
On the event of Dr. Ambedkar’s 118th Birthday Anniversary, we had
organized Cricket Tournament in Joint Venture with Dr. Ambedkar
centers. There was a BLIA team too. Mr. Naushad Solanki,
President, BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter was invited for
the inauguration of the tournament. He said in his that spirit of
honesty can be learnt from sports. And Buddhism is Dhamm of
Honesty. There after Mr. Naushad Solanki had been introduced to
the players of the first round teams. He then tossed the coin and
inaugurated the tournament. He also played two-three balls. Mr. A. D.
BLIA Team Member is Bowling
Vaghela, (Dy. Revenue Officer) & his team worked hard to make it success.
BLIA Team at Inauguration Function
A. D. Vaghela Welcomed Nausahd Solanki

Sports Club Welcomed Mohit Vadher
Introduction with BLIA Team
Tossed the Coin between the teams