BLIA World Headquarters Pilgrimage to Gujarat - Buddha Jayanti Celebration at Ahmedabad
On  2nd  May  2007,  BLIA  Saurashtra  Central  Gujarat Chapter had organized
Buddha    Jayanti    Celebration     Function   at   Dr. Ambedkar   Foundation   at
Ahmedabad.  Since  BLIA  started working within Gujarat state of India, Buddhist
activities are expanded through out Gujarat state. Till now such kind of activities
were being organized by different groups within close area but BLIA has localize
Buddhism and tries to co ordinate most of the Buddhist organizations and group
of  Buddhist   people   and   invited  them  under  one  roof.  The   function   was
organized at  open  public  place  and  allowed local people to observe Buddhist
culture. BLIA succeeded in inviting intellectuals  to participate Buddh'a Birth Day
Anniversary Function.
The function inaugurated with Fo Guang Shan Chanting by Venerable Chuehmen, Venerable Miao Yu and Venerable Ju
Chyuen. Pali Sanghayana done by Venerable Sangharakshita which was being followed by local BLIA members.
"Practicing the BLIA Four Verses". And those are:
A. May palms be joined in every world in kindness, compassion, joy, and giving.
B. May all beings find security in friendship, peace, and loving care.
C. May calm and mindful practice seed patience and equanimity deep.
D. May we give rise to spacious hearts and humble thoughts of gratitude.
So far Venerable Chuehmen visited Gujarat several times and she knows
Gujarati people and also seen the development of BLIA activities. She
emphasised on
Buddhist Practice in Action. Audience indeed blessed by her
Dharma Speech.
Venerable Chuehmen
Mr. Naushad   Solanki  -  President,   BLIA
Surashtra  Central  Gujarat  Chapter, had
updated audience with BLIA  activities and
give brief introduction of BLIA as well as Fo
Guang Shan. Dr Yogeshkumar Maitrak had
welcomed all the distinguished guests.
Mr. Tushar Sripal - General Secretary, BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter, managing all the function procedures
and gave introduction of all the speakers.
Ven. Sangharakshita Mahathero
Dharma Talk
Ven. Miao Yu, FGS Calcutta
Dharma Talk
Mr R. M. Patel, Principle Secretary,
Social welfare Department, Gujarat
BLIA World Headquarters Pilgrimage to Gujarat