Farewell to the Participants of Sounds of the Human world & Welcoming New Members of Surendranagar Unit
At the time of  Venerable  Miao  Ru’s  visit  to  Gujarat  for  attending  “Dharma  Sabha” organized
by BLIA Saurashtra  Central  Gujarat  Chapter,  she  has  asked  us  about  participation in “2006,
Sounds of the Human World” and gave  us Master’s  Songs  to  compose  in   our  local language.
Thereafter  our  member  Mr.  Prafful  Chavda   has  translated  the  songs  in  our local language
“Gujarati”. With great pleasure I would say  that  in our chapter we have good translator as well as
very good singers and  composure. A  team  was  formed  to  realize  Master’s  Songs  in  Gujarati
and  finally   we   succeed   to   compose the songs and got recorded. There were two songs (1) A
It is our proud that our singer Mr. Salim Jam  and  composure Mr. Mayur
Agrawal (On the Left photographs respectively) had  gone to participate
“2006 Sounds of the Human World” at Taiwan.  It  is  so natural for us to
organize a Farewell Function to wish them Best luck for their success.
Prayer  &  (2)  Homage  to  the  Triple  Gem.  We  sent  it  to  Venerable  Miao  Ru  and same was selected for participation.
Simultaneously  many  new  members  have  also  joined the chapter from Surendranagar District.
We also want to welcome them. Our executive Body  decided  that  we  should appoint a Convene
for  Surendranagar  Unit   for   better   management.   During   the   function  all  the  Members  of
Surendrangar   Unit   have   unanimously   elect   Mr. Mohit   Vadher   as   the   Unit   President of
Surendranagar Unit of Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter.
Mr. Naushad  Solanki  (President,  Saurashtra  Central
Gujarat chapter) had delivered his speech on "Music &
Dharma".  He   informed   members   that   how  Grand
Master Venerable Hsing Yun emphasise  on Music. He
has given us great Buddhist  Lyrics  which  are sang in
so    many    languages    in    many   countries.    BLIA
Saurashtra Central Gujarat  has  also tried it to make it
in   Gujarati    language    and    our   Members    have
developed and composed it in our own music. BLIA will
always   been   remembered   for   its   contribution   in
Gujarati Buddhist Music. Mr Tushar Sripal (Secretary, BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter) expressed his view on this
occasion that BLIA SC Gujarat  has  promoted  all  aspect  of  Humanistic  Buddhism  successfully  in  Gujarat  as taught by
Venerable Grand Master. BLIA has promoted their members to the global friendship.
Live Performance of Sounds of the Human World was also organized  for  the members. All the invitees have enjoyed joy of
Dharma Music and appreciated  so  much.  Committee  has  decided  to create a complete set of Buddhist Music in our own
culture and music. We welcome all Buddhist World to come forwards to help us.
The Function was organized at Rotary Club Hall, Surendranagar on July 30, 2006