International Non Violence Day - 2nd October 2007, Practicing Ahimsa (non violence)
On  15  June  2007  The   United  Nations  General  Assembly  decided  to  observe  the
International  Day  of  Non-Violence  each  year  on 2 October – the birth anniversary of
Mahatma Gandhi, who helped lead India to  independence from British rule and inspired
movements  for  civil  rights  and  freedom  across the world. The center of movement of
independence of  India was the Sabarmati Ashram at Ahmedabad established by Mahatma Gandhi, later
on known as Father of the Nation.
BLIA  is practicing  Humanistic  Buddhism  as  taught  by  Venerable  Grand  Master
Hsing Yun.  The non violence is the most basic principle of Buddhism. Lord Buddha
was the first one  who  has  strongly  advocate non violence – Ahimsa in the ancient
India and he included it amongst his main  teaching.  It  may be pointed out that one
of the fundamental contributions of Buddhism in the sphere of  ahimsa  was that the
image of the wheel (chakra) as a symbol sacred warfare was changed into a symbol
of  sacred  peacemaking (the “Dhamma Wheel” or Dharmachakra). Ahimsa to living
beings, which is the first precept in Buddhism.
Sabarmati Ashram
OWM - Ora  World  Mandala  had  organized  a  function  of  practicing  ahimsa at
Sabarmati  Ashram  at  Ahmedabad  on  2nd  October  2007.  Most  of all religious
groups like Hidu, Muslim, Sheikh, Christian, Jain, Parshi  and  Buddhist  and many
more were invited  to  participate  the  functions. There  were about 5000 students
from  different  schools  of  Ahmedabad  who  were  about to observe the different
religions of India. There were about more than 5000 people  visited the Sabarmati
have done Sanghayana (Pali Sutra reading and singing).
Ashram  to   participate  the  all  religious  function.  BLIA
Saurashtra Central Gujarat has participated this event as
the  Buddhist  group.  All  the  members  of  BLIA have done Sanghayana (Pali Sutra reading and
singing).  It  was  the  first  time  that  Buddhist  group  was  the  center  of  attraction  due to their
discipline  and  dress  code. People of Gujarat have never seen this kind of Buddhist people practicing Buddhism. A large
group of Press Media and local  people  have  appreciated  BLIA  Sanghayana.  Due this event BLIA is truly localize in the
State of Gujarat.