Mr. Naushad Solanki (President) &  Mr.  Tushar  Sripal  (Secretary)  had
participated  in  the  7th  International  Monastic  Seminar  at  Fo  Guang
Shan, Taiwan. Monastics  from  many  of the countries have participated
and discussed most of the matters related  to the Buddhist World. There
were very few lay people were given  opportunity of participation and Mr.
Naushad Solanki & Mr. Tushar Sripal  were among those lay people who
had participated  in  the  International  Monastic  Seminar.  It was really a
basic training for lay people to feel and learn Monastic life and disciples.
10th General Conference was followed after the IMS at Fo Guang Shan.
Participants  from  every  corner  of   the  world  had  participated  in  the
General Conference.

A meeting was arranged at Junagadh for sharing the Taiwan experience
. It  was  also  the  First  meeting  of Saurashtra
Central Gujarat Chapter. Many  dignities  o f  Junagadh city had attended this meeting. Mr. Naushad Solanki and Tushar
Sripal  gave  information  and  share  their  experience  regarding International Monastic Seminar & 10th
General Conference. Mr. Naushad Solanki had delivered his speech  on "Four Aspects of Life". Physical
needs, emotional needs, enrichment in culture and then spiritual need which  we can be satisfied by way
of meditation. He also said that in Buddhism, faith is not  about  merely  knowing  the  doctrines  or about
blind belief; faith is about putting theory into practice. Having faith is  to  walk  your  talk.  It  is to walk the
path of compassion and wisdom.
Tushar Sripal had informed the  members  about  the BLIA Motto and
its goal. He motivated members to practice Humanistic Buddhism. Mr.
Nilesh  Kathad,    Mr.  Vanrajbhai   Chakravarti, Manjibhai  Koba  
and  many more dignities were remain  present  in  the  meeting  
which can be seen from some of the pictures.
Report on 7th International Monastic Seminar & 10th General Conference (Taiwan)