Light Offerings for World Peace on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's 50th Death Anniversary
December 06, 2006

Ambedkar    was   an   emancipator,   scholar,   social
reformer,  philosopher ,  visionary and a champion of
human  rights.  By  his  invaluable  contribution to the
making of modern India and his  unflagging  devotion
and   dedication    to  human  rights,  Dr.  Babasaheb
Ambedkar  has  earned   a   special  niche  in  India's
history. He  was  of  the  view that there was no future
for  untouchables  in  the  Hindu   religion   and   they
should change their  religion  if  need be. In 1935, he
publicly proclaimed,
" I was born a Hindu because I
had no control  over  this  but  I  shall  not  die a
 On   October  14,  1956  he  took  refuge  in
Triple  Gem  along   with   many   of   his   Millions   of
followers.  In  the  same  year he passed away on 6th
December  1956.   He   is  responsible   of  revival  of
Buddhism in India. This year India Celebrates Golden
Jubilee year of Dr. Ambedkar.  BLIA  Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter's Junagadh Unit have organized a function to pay
Homage to Dr. Ambedkar by offering  lights for the  World  Peace.  Large  numbers  of  BLIA  Members  and  civilians  have
participated this wonderful event "Light  Offerings  for  World  peace".  All  the  participants  had lightened a candle with the
prayer for World Peace. The Prayer was composed by our Members Mr. Mayur Agrawal, Mr. Imran and Salim Jam.
Junagadh Unit had organized this event at A. G. School ground, Junagadh. Following
Dignities have attended the event.

Mr. Naushad Solanki:Chair Person (President, BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter

Mr. R. M. Sharma (IAS): Chief Guest (Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Junagadh)

Mr. H. Prasad: Chief Guest (DGM, BSNL, Junagadh)

Ms. Maria Rezina: Chief Guest (University of Spain)

Mr. Tushar Sripal: Guest of Honor (General Secretary, BLIA SC Gujarat Chapter)

Mr. Lakhabhai Parmar: Guest of Honor (Councilor, Municipal Corporation, Junagadh)

Mr. B.T. Mewada: Guest of Honor (BAMSEF)

Mr. Girishbhai Kotecha: Guest of Honor (Leader Of Opposition, Muni. Corp. Junagadh)

Dhammachari Dhammapala Dhammekh: Guest of Honor (TBMSG)

Mr. Deven Vanvi: Guest of Honor (Secretary, Surashtra Dalit Sangathan, Junagadh)

Mr. Ashok Solanki: Guest of Honor (President, Surashtra Dalit Sangathan, Junagadh)
Members of Junagadh Unit
Mr. Nilesh Kathad
Ms. Maria Rezina
Mr. Lakhabhai Parmar
Mr. Naushad Solanki
Mr. Tushar Sripal