Naushad Solanki - Shan Ye
Mr. Naushad Solanki (Shan Ye)
Mr. Naushad Solanki was born in 30th April 1972 in
Dhrangadhra, Gujarat, India. He was the third child of Mrs.
Heeraben & Shri Bhaljibhai Amarshibhai Solanki. During   
his childhood he was highly blessed by kind culture from
his parent.

By profession Mr. Naushad Solanki is a Civil Engineer  
and running construction company  “Solanki Construction”
having Government  “AA Class” registration. He completed
his primary education from Dhrangadhra, District    
Surendranagar. Thereafter he studied in Ahmedabad and
finally he completed his engineering from Adipur  (Kutch).  
During  the study, he was the  nominated  convener  of  
Student  Welfare  Committee. He was very active during
his study. During  this  time  he  learned  the Lessons of
social, cultural and political movement. During his study
time he made many remarkable principal  changes  in
the  college  administration  for  the shake  of  student’s interest. Many a times Press was also
attracted for his constructive activities during the schooling time.

He also worked  as  the General Secretary of All India Dalit Student Federation. Under the title of
All Indian Dalit  Student  Federation,  many  kind of social movements were being conducted and
benefited Dalit  Students.  He  had  conducted  many  educational  and  social  activities.  Mainly
worked  for  Dalit  students,  no  matter  whether  it was a matter of admission or scholarship, job
opportunities or etc.

He  had  also  done  many creative, constructive & cultural activities as the General Secretary of
Adipur - Anjar  Junior  Chamber  and  received  the  Out  Standing  New  JC  of  IJC award at the
National Conference of Indian Junior Chamber at Goa in 1990 from Chief Minister of Goa.

He  was  also  a  state  level  Table  Tennis  player  and  played  many state levels Table Tennis
Tournament  from  Ahmedabad  &  Surendranagar  team.  He  had  also  organized many sports
tournaments. Now a day he is working as the President of Surendranagar District Table Tennis

Presently  he  is  working  as the President of Gujarat Contractor’s Association – Surendranagar
District and contributed his  wisdom for benefit of all contractors. He has represented many legal
and technical issues at District  and  State  level  for  the  betterment  of  Gujarat’s infrastructural

Poverty is a macro  problem,  with causes as wide as they are deep. Political   instability,  natural
disasters, corruption, socio-economic disparities  and  prejudice,  lack  of  access  to  education  
and lack of infrastructure are just a few of the key  reasons  that  people  all  over the world are
poor and remain poor. Women partnership should be confirmed in the economical development
for establishment of equality. Mr. Naushad Solanki is giving his services as a Director in Women
Empowerment Corporation (WEC,

Different kind of continuous reading & visiting different places throughout the India is  his main
hobby. Since he started reading Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, he started concentrating
Babasaheb  philosophy  and  start  doing  work  for   his  incomplete  mission  i.e.,  to  propagate
Buddhism. Due to his inclination towards Buddhism, he started Buddhist activities from 2001 and
Joined Buddha’s  Light  International  Association.  He  took  Refuge  in  the  Triple Gem with five
precepts in Chinese Tradition and received the Dharma Name
"Shan Ye". Since  then he never
seen  back  and  dedicated  his  life  to  Buddhism   for  the  benefit  of  our  poor  and  exploited
untouchable  dalit  community.  In  the year 2004, he has  officially  inaugurated  Buddha’s  Light
International Association – Saurashtra  Central  Gujarat  Chapter  which  is  also  known as BLIA
Saurashtra  Central  Gujarat  Chapter.  As  we  all  know  that  the  Buddhist  population is few in
Gujarat.  Society  support  was  truly  very  negligible  but  then  too,  he started Buddha Dharma
Activities. His work as the president of Regional Chapter was highly appreciated by BLIA’s World
Headquarter and felicitated with awarded for “Best Causes and Conditions” in 2005.

He  has  attended  South  Asian  Countries  Fellowship Seminar at Hyderabad & Leh (Ladakh) in
2003  &  2005  respectively.  He  has   also   attended   and   actively   participated   BLIA  World
Headquarters  General  Conference  at  Taiwan  in  2004, 2006 & 2008.  He has traveled to
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.

Due to the kind efforts of Naushad Solanki, Buddhist monks  Bhikshu and Bhikshuni from Taiwan
and other part of India had visited Surendranagar and was organized  Dharma  Sabha  and  that
was the  first  time  in  the  history  of  Surendranagar  and  Gujarat.  He  has organized series of
Dharma  Sabha  in  Ahmedabad,  Surendranagar,  Junagadh,  Dhoraji  & Veraval in presence of
BLIA  World  Headquarters  representatives. Buddha  Dharma   functions  are  being  organized  
within  many  cities  of  Gujarat. Now  a  day  BLIA  is  much  familiar  among  Buddhist and social
communities.  Under  the  Title  of  BLIA  he  has  organized  many  different kind of activities like
felicitation  of  our  poor  students, Construction  of water- wel at our backward students hostel in
Surendranagar  &  Juanagdh,  published   Buddhist   books,  developing   Buddhist   Music   and
organized  Buddhist  Musical  Events,  organizing peace march in different cities, Blood Donation
camps,  Leadership  Development programs. Due to his constant efforts, now a day many of our
people are attracted to Buddhism and are being members of BLIA.   
Contact Address:
1/ Professor Society
JNV High School Road,
Surendranagar - 363302
Gujarat State, INDIA
Phone: +91 9825224240
Tele/Fax: +91 2752 234627/28

President:                   Buddha's Light International Association - Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter
President:                   Surendranagar District Contractor's Association
Director:                      Women Empowerment Corporation (WEC)
President:                   Surendranagar District Table Tennis Association
Committee Member: Surendranagar District Vigilance & Monitoring Committe
Spoke Person:           Surendranagar District Congress Committee
Chairman:                   Surendranagar District Congress Committee, Science & Technology Department
Director:                     Gujarat Contractor's Association
Special Invitee:         Zalawad Chamber of Commerce
Partner:                      Solanki Construction, "AA" Class Contractors
Presently Active As;