One Day Dhamma Workshop
One Day Dhamma Workshop, At Village: Mota Ankewaliya, Ta. Dhrangadhra, 28th June 2009,
One day Dhamma Workshop was organized to educate newly joined
BLIA members. Recently Surendranagar team was appointed and they
have requested to organize Dhamma Workshop so that they can learn
Buddha Dhamma. BLIA had invited Dhammachaya Anand Shakya to
take seminar for our newly appointed executive members of
Surendranagar Unit. Mr. C. D. Doriya (In charge, Rural Development,
Surendranagar District) was appointed to organize Seminar cum
workshop at village level
On 28th Jine, One Day Dhamma Workshop was successfully organized.
Mr. Naushad Solanki (President – BLIA SC Gujarat Chapter),
Dhammacharya Anand Shakya, Mr. C. T. Tundiya (President –
Surendranagar Unit) and other executive members of Surendranagar
Unit were welcomed by local villagers. Mr. C. D. Doriya informed all the
participants how and why this Dhamma Workshop was organized.
Buddha Vandana with Pancha Sheela (Triple Gem with Five Precepts)
done by all the participants. Mr.
Naushad Solanki took a Session
on “How to work within
Organization”. Dhammacharya Anand Shakya
took a session on “Triple Gem & Five Precepts).
Thereafter he explained about practice of
Anapansati Meditation. All the participants
practiced Anapansati Meditation. After lunch, a
small group discussion was conducted. There
were three subjects (1) Roll of Art & Culture in
propagation of Dhamma (2) Difficulties in Dhamma Propagation and (3) Roll of Education in Dhamma
Dhammacharya Anand Shakya
Mr. C. T. Tundiya
Bhavana Paramar
Shilpa Solanki