Peace March, Rajkot
Dhamma   Rally   on   the   street.  Master   always   emphasise  localization  of
Buddhism. Rajkot City is the  center  of  Saurashtar  and  also  the  economical
capital of Saurashtra. BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat  had  started  its  public
functions from the  Rajkot.  On  the occasion of Buddha Purnima, Peace March
had been succeed in attracting public  attention. It was also a acid test for all of
us for promoting Humanistic Buddhism  within  the  public.  The members of the
chapter  were  so  motivated  by  this  Peace  March.  This  was also a different
experience for the  people of  Rajkot.  This  Peace  March  had  sent  massage
Buddhism to whole Gujarat.  Most  of the News Papers had also provided good