BLIA World Headquarters Pilgrimage to Gujarat
BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter is committed to promote Humanistic
Buddhism in Gujarat State of India. In the Year 2005, BLIA had organized series
of Dharma Sadha in various cities of Gujarat. Venerable Mioa Ru, Venerable
Sangha Rakshita, Venerable Vinaya Rakhita and Venerable Shasana Rakshita
were the witness of these religious functions.

BLIA SC Gujarat Chapter decided to celebrate Buddha Jayanti (Buddha's
Birthday Anniversary) in a large scale within Gujarat. BLIA HQ were requested to
send their representatives to attend this event. Ven Chuehmen, Ven Miao Yu,
Ven Ju Chyuen and Ven Sangha Rakshita were on pilgrimage to Gujarat for the
Dharma Functions on the Buddha Jayanti Celebrations. There were series of
Venerable Chuehmen arrives at
Ahmedabad Airport
During Sangha Visit, they visited our BLIA families and bless them with Dharma talk.
At Mr. Naushad Solanki's family
At Mr. Tushar Sripal's Family
On the Tour
At Dr. Yogesh Maitrak's Family
Sangha with Local Public
Our Sincere Thanks to
Venerable Chuehmen
Venerable Sangh Rakshita
Venerable Miao Yu