BLIA  Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter is active in so
many kinds of  activities with the message of Friendship,
Love and Compassionate.  BLIA  is  constantly active for
the    social,    educational,    cultural,    religious     and
economical  development  of   society.  BLIA  has  made
association with humanistic  social organizations through
out  Gujarat  for  the   social    revolution.  By   providing
material  requirement  and  financial  assistance  to such
hostels where poor class students  benefited. Since  the
Buddhism  is  disappeared  from  India, Buddhist art and
culture   also   vanished.   BLIA   is   participating   and
developing   art and culture to reinstall Buddhist culture.
Chapter  has  invited  Bikhhu  and  Bhkhhuni  from other
states as well as  from  abroad  for the Dhamma practice
and   organizing   religious   public   meetings  (Dhamma
Poverty Alleviation through Women Empowerment
Poverty  is  a  macro  problem,  with causes as wide as they are deep.
Political   instability,  natural   disasters,   corruption,    socio-economic
disparities  and  prejudice,  lack  of  access  to  education  and lack of
infrastructure are just a few of the key  reasons  that  people  all  over
the world are poor and remain poor.

Its   worst   attribute  is   that   poverty   breeds  poverty;  it  is  virtually
impossible  to  break  free  from  its grasp. If one cannot afford proper
nutrition or health care for one’s family,  children  grow  up  at  greater
risk  of  acquiring a life-threatening or disabling disease. If one cannot
afford to educate  one’s  children, they will have few avenues for a life
different than  that  of  their  parents. If one cannot afford to buy one’s
own  land  or  home  or  livestock,  there are few opportunities to build
assets that will last over time.

Most  of  the world’s  poor  are  self-employed.  Without the security of
formal jobs, each day they work from dawn to dusk, whether by raising
chickens,  selling  produce in markets or weaving baskets. All or most of this money goes toward basic survival; however,
there  is  little  to  no  money  left  over  to  improve  their quality of life or expand their businesses. Thus, living in poverty
almost always means that the harsh reality of today will repeat itself tomorrow.
Sabha)  though out the Gujarat state. But we believe that, economical development is essential for complete
development of society and women partnership should be confirmed in the economical development for establishment of
equality. BLIA is  committed  for  the  all-round  development  of  all  human  beings. BLIA  SC Gujarat Chapter has joined
its hands with Women  Empowerment  Corporation  for  the "Alleviation of Poverty Through Women Empowerment". On
06th April 2008, BLIA SC Gujarat Chapter had  organized  function "Poverty Alleviation through Women Empowerment" in
the form of joint venture with
Women Empowerment Corporation (WEC).
The Function was started with
Buddha Vandana. (From right) Mr.
Naushad Solanki, President - BLIA
Saurashtra Central Gujarat
Chapter, Mr. Yogesh Maitrak,
Founder - Women Empowerment
Corporation and Mr. C. L. Rathod
can be seen in Buddha Vandana.
Mr.    Naushad      Solanki    had   welcomed   all   the
distinguished    guests   and   delivered   his    speech
regarding  Women  in  Buddhism  and   how  poverty is
related to Women. During  his  speech, he  had quoted
many  examples  of   women    legendary    in    ancient
Buddhism.   He  said  that  how Buddha has empowered

Mr. Naushad Solanki - President, BLIA
Saurashtra Central Gujarat chapter
women  during  his  time.  Till  that  there  was  no   religion   that   can  provide
prosperity and equality in between men & women. It was  only  a  Lord  Buddha
who  had  give this  opportunity  to  each  and  every  one  irrespective  of  sex,
social  status,  caste  and  creed.  Due  this  reason  first  time  in ancient India,
maximum  numbers  of  women  had  enjoyed  this great opportunity. Even after
Lord  Buddha,  King  Ashoka  had  also  extended  all  prosperity to women. Mr.
Naushad Solanki  had  tried  to established  that  Buddhism  is  much helpful in
developing  women's  status.  Further  Mr. Solanki had stated that Poverty is threat to the Global Peace. And to alleviate
poverty we must have to empower women.
Mr. Yogesh  Maitrak,  Founder  of  Women   Empowerment  Corporation  gave
detail information about WEC and how Poverty  can  alleviate from the society,
nation and throughout the globe. He said that We strongly believe that poverty
is a threat to peace. As we are  aware  that  ninety  four  percent  of  the  world
income goes to 40 percent of the population  while  sixty percent of people live
on only 6  percent of world income. Half of the  world  population  lives  on  two
dollars a day, over  one billion people live on  less than a dollar day. This is no
formula for peace. Peace  should  be  understood  in a human way -in a broad
social, political and economic way. Poverty is the absence  of all human rights.
The  frustrations,  hostility  and  anger  generated  by  abject  poverty  cannot
sustain  peace  in  any  society.  For  building stable peace we must find ways to provide opportunities for people to live
decent lives. The creation of opportunities for the majority of people –the poor – is at the heart of the work. To alleviate
the global poverty and  annihilate the caste  system  especially  from  India  we  require  peaceful  and  healthy  society.
Buddha-the super scientist of peace  said  that  whatever  generates in the external world conceived in the human mind
first .Therefore the negative emotions of individual are the  root of cruel violence. If therefore is no peace in the mind of
individual we can’t generate the real peace in the world.  One  can’t  give  the  real  peace with an agitated mind, anger,
hatred, ill will and animosity.  Enlightened  persons  have  therefore  said, ‘first  find  peace  within  yourself’. One has to
examine  whether  there  is  really  peace  within  oneself  by   experience  at  the  actual  level.  During  his  speech  he
announced their new Unit i.e., Surendranagar Unit of Women Empowerment Corporation.
Mr. Khushalbhai Rathod, Chairman,
People's Co-operative bank,
Mr. Amrutlal Parmar, CEO, WEC & Ex,
Deputy Secretary - Human Right
Mrs. Dr. Pratima Mehta,
Superintendent, Public Health Centre,
All above speakers had expressed their views and tries to justifying Alleviation of Poverty Through Women Empowerment.

the function and appreciated BLIA's
effort to empowering women. Mr.
Mohit Vadher  - Director, BLIA
Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter
(Incharge - Surendranagar) and his
team has organized this function.