Prayer For the Typhoon Victims of Taiwan
BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter Offers Prayer For the Typhoon Victims of Taiwan.
23rd August 2009
Chapter had called a meeting at Junagadh to offer Prayer for the
Typhoon Victims of Taiwan on 23rd Aug 2009. Local well known
personalities and the Members of BLIA SC Chapter had offered Prayer
for the People of Taiwan. The Secretary Mr. Tushar Sripal said that the
Typhoon Morakot was the worst weather disaster in the 50 years of
Taiwan history. The most affected
part was the southern and central
Taiwan. There was a huge damage
within the south Taiwan. There are
500 confirmed death and many
people are still missing. There is a massive property and agriculture loss
due to the typhoon.
Mr. Naushad Solanki, President said
in his message that we people of
Gujarat has great sympathy and
compassion for the people of Taiwan. May the blessings of the Triple Gem
give them more strength to overcome this tragedy. He also informed that
BLIA HQ has offered immediate financial help for about 10 Million Dollars and
there are thousands of BLIA members and Fo Guang Shan Bhikshu &
Bhikshunis have started relief work. He also said that we may not help the
people of Taiwan in any physical way but we have great sympathy and
compassion for them. Let’s we pray for their betterment and for those who
have lost their close relatives.
Everyone had lightened candle and Prayed for the Taiwan Victims
In the second session of the meeting, President Mr. Naushad Solannki had presented power point presentation of BLIA
Activities and appeal the members to work hard in the tune of Master’s theme Bodhisattvas & Volunteers.