Venerable Bhikshuni Miao Ru
She  brought  in  Tanjung  Pinang  of  Indonesia.  She is
graduated from Graduate from Fo Guang Shan Tsunglin
Institute  (English  Buddhist  College,  Taiwan)  in   1997.
She  is  worked  on  many  responsible posts. She was a
Teacher in Fo Guang Shan  Tsunglin  Institute, (Taiwan)
in  the  year  1998 ~ 2005.  Dean  of  Fo   Guang   Shan
English  Buddhist  Collage  (Taiwan)  in  the  year   
2000-2005  and  since  2005 she is assigned as the
President of Fo Guang Shan Buddhist  Collage  of  India
  &   Chief Nun  In-charge  of  Fo  Guang  Shan  Calcutta
 Buddhist Centre  of  India.  She  is  also  working   as   
the   Indian (BLIA)
she began her service as an administrator at FGS English Buddhist  College. After a year, she
started her teaching experience at  the same  department  and  Chinese  department.  In  year
2000,  she  was  promoted  as  the  dean  of  Fo  Guang  Shan  English  Buddhist College, and
continues her teaching experience till March 2005 before she was transferred to India.  

It  was  a  great  thing  to  her,   be  able  to  participate  and  helped  in  the program of the 4th
International  Monastic  Seminar  which  was  held  at  Fo  Guang Shan in May 1997. And more
fortune  came  to  her  later,  in  year  2000, she worked as a guiding teacher for the candidate
from  Sri Lanka and Indonesia in  the  Millennium  Full International Ordination Ceremony at Fo
Guang Shan Monastery  which took about 53 days.

She  was  brought  up  in  a  small island called Bintan Island in Indonesia. It is about 1 hour by
speed boat from Singapore. She is  the  3rd  generation  of  Indonesian-Chinese.  Her  parents
were  very  stick  in  educating  children  and  very  conservative too.  A  lot  of  unfairness that
happened to her and others made her thought: “What  is  the  real meaning of life?”, “Why was
she born in this world?”, “What is  the  purpose  of her birth?”.  Should  she  live  as  how  most
people live?”. And so on …..   

She respected and loved friends from different religious background. She even visited with her
family or friends  to  Tao  temples,  churches and mosque to pay her respect and learned from
them.  She has good-parents from Muslim  tradition  who  are  native  Indonesian. Her younger
sister, too, is Muslim, because she was given to Muslim family not long  after  she  was  born.  It
was  due  to  the  superstitious beliefs,  a  sick  baby  will  recover  if  he/she is given away. Her
younger brother became a Catholic at his teenage. And  her  older  brother  follows  his wife to
the Protestant Church every Sunday. And  her  mother  used to be a Tao (Confucius) follower.
And last, her father belongs to none of the religions. It was  due  to  his pride. She grew up and
surrounded by such conditions. But, she didn’t know why, she had  more  feeling  and closer to
Chinese tradition and culture. she felt  something  deep-rooted  in  me  about  Chinese culture,
specially Chinese Buddhism which she recognized and realized much later.

After  she  completed  her  study  in  the  High  School  of  Commerce,  she  started  to work as
the  secretary  of  the  Batam Island Resorts. She  also  had  the  experience  of  working  as  a
cashier, administrator, clerk and Chinese interpretation at a garment factory.

One day, with a pure and kind intention, she companied a foreign colleague to visit a temple. It
was there, her first shock to  Buddhism.  She  felt  like  coming HOME when sheI first heard the
Buddhist chanting.  It was  all  about  the  profound  meaning  and boundless love, compassion
and wisdom that touched her.  She was sure about her Path when  she read a sentence from a
little  book  of  the  Introduction  of  Ksitigarbha  Bodhisattva,  SHE   WILL   NOT   ATTAIN  THE

Few  months  later,  she quitted  her job and sold out the house she just bought. And then, she
got her passport done and flew to  Taiwan  for Buddhist Study and led to her renunciation as a
nun, vowed to follow the Path of Lord Buddha and Master Hsing Yun.