Venerable Bhikshuni Chuehmen
Ven. Bhiksuni Chuehmen presently is the South Asian
Coordinator     of     
Buddha’s     Light      International
Association  (abbreviated as BLIA).   BLIA   is  a  NGO
having    a    special    Consultative   Status    with  the
Economic  and  Social  Council  of the United Nations.
She also acts as a Theravada  Buddhism Coordinator
Fo Guang  Shan  (literally Buddha Light Mountain)
Monastery  -  one  of  the  largest  Buddhist temple  in
Taiwan founded by Most Venerable Master Hsing Yun
in 1967, and having 200 branches across the globe.
After  her  graduation  from  the  Fo Guang Shan Chinese Buddhist Research Institute in August
1994, Ven. Chuehmen was assigned  as  secretary  in  International  Buddhist Progress Society.
During the 14 months period in IBPS, she organized and supervised  two  International  Monastic
Seminars  (IMS),  one  in  Vancouver  in  October  1994  and another in Wollongong-Australia in
monastery  duties.  In  November  1996,  she  was  again  assigned to plan and organize the 4th
International Monastic Seminar to be held in Fo Guang Shan in May 1997.

After  the  IMS '97,  she  got  a new assignment to plan and organize the Bodhgaya International
Full Ordination held in India in February  1998.  Prior to the ceremony, from June 1997 onwards,
she  traveled  excessively  including  to  India,   Sri Lanka,   Nepal,   Bangladesh,  Thailand   and
Cambodia  paying  respects  to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Supreme Patriarch of Thailand and
Cambodia, Maha Nakaya of Sri  Lanka;  most  senior  and  respectable meditation master - Ven.
Ananda Mitra Mahathera of India and other senior monks seeking their  spiritual supports for the
Theravadian and Tibetan nuns to be  ordained  as  Bhiksunis.  Subsequently  she  stationed   in
Bodhgaya, India to coordinate the ordination ceremony.

In March 1998,  she  was assigned as chief executive in International Buddhist Progress Society,
and later  organized  two  more  IMS,  and the full international ordination ceremony in Fo Guang
Shan Monastery in 2000 and 2004. In  August 1998, she was elected as an international council
member at  the  International  Association  for Religious Freedom (IARF). Same year in October,
she was elected as an executive member of   World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB). During BLIA
Board of Directors Meeting in South Africa 2001,  she  was  assigned  as  a  Deputy  Director  of
the   Multi-lingual   Fellowship    Committee.  As   a   liaison   representative   of   Buddha’s  Light
International Association World HQ,  she supervises the BLIA non-Chinese speaking chapters in
Indian sub-continent. In August 2002, she  was  again  reelected  as  a  council member of IARF,
also as a member of the IARF Executive Committee. In December 2002, she was elected as the
vice-president of the World Fellowship of Buddhists.

Ven. Chuehmen  has  attended  various  international  Buddhist and religious meetings including
the Ariya-vinaya Conference, Sakyadhita International Conference, World Council of Parliament,
World  Council  of  Religious   Leaders,   World   Council   of   Churches,  International  Buddhist
Conclave-India  and  others.  In  March  2002,  the  All  Island  Sangha  Congress  of  Sri   Lanka
conferred  her  an  Honorary  Title  and  Award  for  Excellent  Services Rendered to the Sasana
(literally Buddhist dispensation).

Ven. Chuehmen  was  brought  up  in Singapore and has followed her aunt to a Buddhist temple
even before she entered primary school.  Though  she  showed interest and was curious with so
people reciting and meditation, she merely knew what it was all  about.  In her mid twentieth after
reading an article in the Reader’s Digest - ‘Forgiveness is  A  Healing  Act’  that  her  interest  for
spirituality  kindled  and  started  to  frequent   the  oldest  Buddhist  Shuang   Lin   Temple.  She
volunteered her service at the temple, participating  in various religious activities for eight years,
also helping to establish the temple’s library. In order  to  know  more  about Buddhism, she took
Buddhist courses organized by the Singapore Buddhist Association and  Maha  Mangala  Vihara
Sunday School. Her interest to study  in  depth  about  Buddhist  grew  and decided to leave her
well-paid job in  Singapore  and  proceeded  to  Taiwan  for full time study in a Buddhist College.
She first studied at the Yuan Kuang Buddhist College and  later  at  the  Fo Guang Shan English
Buddhist College, and continued to study at the Fo  Guang  Shan  Chinese  Buddhist  Research
Institute. Conditions rose and she took her monastic vow under the  guidance of Most Venerable
Master Hsing Yun in January 1991  and  vowed  to  contribute  her  whole  life  in  religious works.