Celebration of Lord Buddha's Birthday  Anniversary  was  the  first public event for
Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter. It  was  very  hard  to propagate Buddhism in
the society directly. And Rajkot was the  perfect  place  for  us  to  launch  our first
public  event.  Rajkot  is  also  considered as the economical capital of Saurashtra
Mr G. C. Solanki  (Asst.  Commissioner,  Rajkot Municipal   Corporation),  Mr R. K.
Maheshwary (Chief Fire Officer, RMC),  Mr  Karnabhai Maldhari  (A  known  Social
(President, Laxmi Society) were invited.  Mr J. C. Chavda (Advocate) had welcome
all the guests and participants.
The function was started with Buddha Vandana (prayer, Refuge in the   Triple   Gem   with   five  precepts).  Everyone   had
participated in Buddha Vandana followed by Dhammacharya  Manjuranta  &  his  wife  Minaxi Shreshti and  their group. The
function was in three part. Buddha Vandana, Cultural program & Dharma Talk. As it was the first  Buddhist  public   function
in  Rajkot  City.  There were also other functions arranged at other places. But this  was  the  first  experiment   to  go to the
public  directly  with  the Buddhist approach. As per the expectations there  was  less  attendance  but our effort  was  100%
succeed. At the end of function, many of them come forward and express their gratitude for arranging such celebration.
Buddha Song
Naushad Solanki-President
Dhammacharya Manjuratna
Cultural Dance